Private and Group Lessons

Paeng Nepomuceno will train bowlers with the latest knowledge and cutting edge technology.

Coaching is right for you...

  • Learn how to become more consistent in shot making
  • Increase your average
  • Gain knowledge on today's bowling equipment and lane play

Paeng can help you in these areas of technique:

  • Athletic Pose
  • Ball Start
  • Proper Approach
  • Arm swing
  • Release
  • Finish Position
  • Timing
  • Mental Game
  • Lane Play adjustments
  • Spare shooting
  • Bowling ball grip analysis
  • Equipment Selection

People of all ages can take can take advantage of Paeng's coaching.

From the youth to the senior bowlers he is able to develop all players' strengths and troubleshoot items of concern. Improvements in those areas not only lead to higher scores, but can add enjoyment that comes from better bowling.

Bringing Technology to you:

Paeng uses Bowler's Map Technology recommended by USBC to help you analyze and improve your game. It is the best digital motion analysis software available in the bowling world. It is a valuable tool

  • Creates video files for bowlers to use
  • Capable of syncing 2,3 or 4 videos
  • Slow motion analysis to pinpoint items of concern
  • Use of video overlay to show difference from shot to shot
  • Comparison from beginning to end of training session

Paeng can further analyze your game with the Digitrax Digital Ball Motion Analysis Software Program.

Ball and bowler performance are no longer hit or miss options. Wit Digitrax everything from launch and breakpoint angle to tracing the ball’s path is recorded and charted for analysis.

  • Examine lay down point and launch angle
  • Determine breakpoint shapes and entry angle
  • Track ball speed consistency from shot to shot
  • Evaluate overall player versatility