Bowler Athlete Profile

  • Name: Rafael "Paeng" Nepomuceno
  • Date of Birth: January 30, 1957
  • Place of Birth: Quezon City
  • Height: 6 feet 2 inches
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • High Game: 300 (10 times)
  • High 3 Game Series: 824
  • High 6 Game Series: 1587
  • High 9 Game Series: 2337
  • Bowling Since: 1970
  • Titles Won: 117 (Around the World)
  • Average: 215


  1. 6-Time World Bowling Champion
    • 1976 Bowling World Cup Champion, Tehran, Iran
    • 1980 Bowling World Cup Champion, Jakarta, Indonesia
    • 1984 World Invitational Tournament Champion. Las Vegas Nevada (1984 LA Olympics side event)
    • 1992 Bowling World Cup Champion, Le Mans, France
    • 1996 Bowling World Cup Champion, Belfast, Northern Ireland
    • 1999 World Ten Pin Master Champion, London, England
  2. Guinness Book of World Records, 1993
    Present (Holder of 2 World Records)
    • Youngest to win the Bowling World Cup at 19 years old
    • The only person to win the Bowling World Cup 4 times in 3 different decades (70's, 80's & 90's)
  3. Personally awarded the pretigious IOC (International Olympic Committee) PRESIDENT'S TROPHY by Juan Antonio Samaranch, then President of the OIC, The highest Sports Award that can be awarded to an athlete.
  4. FIQ Bowling Athlete of the Millennium (Named by FIQ, the World governing body of Ten Pin Bowling during the 1999 World Championship in Abu Dhabi,U.A.E.)
  5. First male bowler to be inducted in 1993 in the WORLD BOWLING HALL OF FAME (7 foot likeness displayed at ENTRANCE of the International Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum, St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
  6. 3-Time WBW (World Bowling Writers) World Bowler of the Year
  7. First Filipino Athlete bestowed with both The Philippine Legion of Honor (1999) and Presidential Medal of Merit (1984), Highest award for a Filipino at the disposition of the President of the Philippines
  8. PSA (Philippine Sportswriters Association) Athlete of the Millennium (awarded in December 2000)
  9. PSA (Philippine Sportswriters Association) Athlete of the Century (awarded in December 1999)
  10. Unprecedented 5-Times PSA (Philippine Sportswriters Association) Athlete of the Year
  11. Both Houses, Congress and Senate named Paeng as "GREATEST ATHLETE OF THE CENTURY"
  12. Named by the pretigious Bowlers Journal as "The Greatest International Bowler of All Time" (Cover story, September 2003)
  13. Has won 117 tournaments around the world
  14. Has won 12 South East Asian Games Gold medals
  15. Asian Games Gold medalist, Bussan, South Korea, 2003
  16. Youngest TOYM Awardee (1975)
  17. 2 Times FIQ Asian Zone Master Champion
  18. Has been featured in the covers of international magazines worldwide including the internationally prestigious BOWLERS JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL magazine where he has been in the cover for an unprecedented 6 TIMES.
  19. Flag Bearer for the Philippines for various SEA GAMES, ASIAN GAMES and WORLD GAMES
  20. Appointed Honorary Sports Ambassador by the South East Asian Games Committee in 2005
  21. PSA (Philippine Sportswriters Association) Hall of Fame (First athlete to be inducted)
  22. SCOOP (Sports Columnists Organization of the Philippines) Hall of Fame (1993)
  23. Philippine Olympic Committee Medal of Honor Awardee, March 1985
  24. Philippine Olympic Committee Athlete of the Decade Awardee, April 1989
  25. Philippine Daily Inquirer 1992 Person of the Year
  26. La Salle Green Hills Sports Hall of Fame (First Inductee, 1985)
  27. De La Salle University Sports Hall of Fame (Inducted 2003)
  28. Adamson University Outstanding Alumnus Award (given on its 60th Anniversary on September 26, 1992)
  29. Parangal ng Bayan (Golden Scroll Awardee for Sports), Malacañang Palace, March 1985
  30. Unanimously chosen by Philippine major dailies (i.e.Philippine Star, Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Manila Times, Standard and Today) as Philippine Athlete of the Century in their year ender report on December 1999.
NOTE: Paeng is included in Grade 2 Social Studies (Sibika at Kultura and/or Araling Panlipunan) textbooks under the heading "Outstanding Filipinos".